24″ Tree Trimmer Saw Blade (expansion-slots with copper plugs)


Carbide tipped circular tree trimmer saw blade. For use with Kershaw SkyTrim.


Diameter: 24 inches / available with expansion slots with copper plugs
Weight: 22.5 lbs
# of Teeth: 72
Tooth Design: ATB
Bore Size: 1.5 inches
Plate: .180 inches
Hook Angle: 10`
Kerf: .260 inches

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24″ Tree Trimmer Saw Blade (expansion slots with copper plugs)

Since downtime must be minimized at all costs, these tree trimmer saw blades are built to last.

Here is the Tree Trimmer Saw Blade for your Kershaw Skytrim. Because of our visual inspection and quality testing, these blades guarantee to operate in rugged conditions. Longer lifespans from our blades minimize your downtime. So, minimal downtime makes your project faster, so you can jumpstart the next one. Now, let’s get to cutting.
Advertised in Tree and Landscape Equipment Trader magazine.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × .5 × 25 in

Expansions Slots, No Expansion Slots