Before drill pipe can be screwed onto the drill collars, a special short length of pipe with a drill pipe connection on the top and a drill collar connection on the bottom is added. At Helanbak, our Subs are made to any length, outside diameter, inside diameter, and thread combination. Subs can be made with a breakout configuration for any rig. When going from a larger connection to a smaller connection, a bottleneck may be furnished to reduce the weight of the sub and make it easier to breakout.

Please contact us with your questions or orders.

Hole Openers

Here at Helanbak, we have developed our line of Hole Openers (blade and cone types) to meet the growing demand for dependable drilling tools to enlarge pre-drilled pilot holes or bore holes. Tungsten carbide inserts are installed for added gauge wear protection. With no moving parts, our Hole Openers can be used in a variety of conditions without worry of losing component parts in the hole. We custom manufacture our hole openers which are available in a wide range of size and thread combinations to meet specific project requirements. Call us with your request and our dedicated team of designers will go the extra mile to make your dreams a reality.

Pipe Ends

We manufacture pipe ends for all drill pipe configurations.

Types include:

  • IF
  • Fedp
  • Mayhew Jr.
  • Mayhew Regular
  • AWJ
  • NWJ
  • Rope Threads

Available with flats.